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Mixing Prints 101

Posted on 04 August 2016

Haven't you always wanted to know how it's done? Well, I'm gonna show you a glimpse into the general rules of mixing prints, and remember, there are always exceptions. Once you've mastered these steps, you can make your own leaps and take some chances!
Stick to the same color scheme, but not the same print designs. Stay away from geo on geo prints, floral on floral, etc. You want to look original, not monotonous [see above].
Introduce a new color within the same tone. I stuck to the same color scheme here and threw in some pink to liven up the green [see above].
Here's the perfect canvas to introduce lots of color, black and white is always a great place to start!
Now if you've been paying attention, you should have thought to yourself, 'oh they both look great!' And you'd be right, just making sure you feel me. Feel me?
The trickiest part to navigate is a very busy top (specifically floral tops!), so, when in doubt, stick to a solid color.
All these items were pulled right from my closet. There's no better way to show you then using tried and true practices.
Thanks for reading!!
Amany (COO)

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