Tips for packing fashionably

Posted on August 14 2015

Tips for packing fashionably

Five years ago my sister decided that she wanted a destination birthday for her 40th with eight of her favorite girlfriends. After much deliberation Italy won! Now little did we know that it would be the hottest summer in Europe in 50 years. We realized quickly that we had to have a good packing strategy to make sure we could enjoy our trip and make the most of it. I find that packing by category and color schemes makes it easy!


I either travel with a carry on or one bag that I can check in. I hate lugging around bags, especially when your moving around to different cities in the same trip. I bought a set of American Tourister bags, I don't like to spend a lot of money on my luggage. I'm always that person waiting for her luggage to come around the conveyer belt and when it finally arrives it has the torn handle and missing wheels.


I like to have a color scheme in mind when packing. For this trip I concentrated on blue, black, and pink. I put each outfit together ahead of time, and then mix and match pants and scarves. My scarves are multi print, so matching becomes easy. This guarantees that I won't pack anything extra, leaving room in my bag for some shopping!


Packing shoes are my hardest decision to make. I need to be comfortable, but at the same time I need them to be versatile. I keep my nicer shoes at home, I'm always worried that I'll destroy them on long trips. I packed a pair of sandals and a pair of walking shoes.


When it comes to my jewelry I pack statement pieces that dress up any outfit, a couple of necklaces and bracelets. This helps avoid packing dressy clothes. I can take an outfit with jeans and dress it up with a necklace. I always keep my jewelry close, either in my carry on or purse.


Did I mention that it was 100 degrees in Italy? Blotting wipes and Evian facial spray were my lifesavers. I became the group face sprayer if there's such a thing?! A couple of my other must haves are Motrin for any aches and pains, and compression socks for the airplane ride.

Hope you enjoyed my tips! Hit me up with other suggestions below.


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