5 Dress Code Rules to Survive Wedding Season

Posted on March 08 2018

5 Dress Code Rules to Survive Wedding Season

Spring is just around the corner, which means wedding season is almost here! There is nothing we love more at weddings than reuniting with family and friends...besides diving into the dessert table and dancing the night away! Recently, at our niece’s engagement, we held back tears of joy as we watched our little girl (*all grown up now), celebrating her special moment.

Celebrating our niece's special day!

 'One day they’re running around, the next thing they’re getting hitched! Where does the time go?'

 Watch the entire event in less than a minute! 


How can you resist a donut wall? 

Weddings are the perfect occasion to showcase your personal style, but when the bride sets a theme or has a formal dress code, you may be wondering what to wear as a wedding guest. Today, we’re sharing 5 simple rules from our Zeena stylists for how to look your best celebrating the happy couple.

#1 Let the bride shine! Resist the urge to steal the show. We understand that a wedding reception may be the only time of year you’ll see that long, lost cousin from halfway around the world, but this is not the time to dazzle estranged relatives. Remember, the bride is the main attraction and she deserves the spotlight.

#2 Think like an architect. Building a great outfit is a lot like building a house. It all starts with a good foundation. We suggest finding that one piece that makes you say, "I'm wearing this no matter what!" and build upon it. Consider a statement necklace, a unique custom ribbon brooch, chandelier earrings or a killer pair of shoes and use it for inspiration. Bayan chose a dramatic red and white scarf with a contrasting black border. Why? Because the color-blocked pattern set the tone for the rest of her look and gave her 3 guiding colors to stick to. A fun, polka dot maxi skirt added variety, while her blouse, clutch and hijab remained neutral too.

Bayan's wedding guest style

Bayan worked the scarf into her ensemble by draping it over one shoulder. This adds a splash of color and makes her look regal at the same time. If you're attending an event with cultural cues, consider traditional patterns, textures or textiles.

#3 Treat your feet. If you’ve been waiting forever to break out those 4-inch stilettos, then go for it! Weddings are the best excuse to step out of the box and invest in an irresistible pair of shoes...even if they're reserved for 'special occasions' only. You can view all of our current shoe obsessions on Pinterest, but here are a few of our faves:

Libertine pumps

Jimmy Choo ROMY 85

 Sarah Jessica Parker Libertine Pumps | Jimmy Choo Black Lace PumpsZara - Strappy Court Shoes

#4 Phone a friend. Sometimes the easiest way to decide on what to wear is to go with the flow. Consider what other guests are wearing. Is there a color scheme you should be following? Is there a popular dress style or subtle theme you should be paying attention to? Ask your BFF’s to send you pictures of what they plan on wearing so you can better gauge your outfit of choice. *Just remember, no one likes a copycat, so change up your hairstyle, hijab-style or accessories to make your look one of a kind.

#5 Stay true to yourself. What are you most comfortable wearing? Pants? Dresses? A skirt? By staying true to your core clothing favorites, you’ll naturally gravitate towards a good starting point. Go for what you know, then crank up the sophistication by choosing fancy fabrics. Reach for silk, satin, chiffon, crepe de chine or polyester blends that have an elegant touch.

Amany's wedding guest style

Amany began with her favorite red InstaHijab. Her tie-waist skirt is chic and lovely when paired with a silk floral top. 


Have fun planning your next wedding guest outfit! If you found this article helpful, spread the word, leave us a comment or share it on social! See you next time!


Do you need help putting together your one-of-kind wedding guest look? Book a personal consultation with a Zeena stylist here.

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