5 Modest Fashion Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

Posted on January 23 2019

5 Modest Fashion Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

Looking to update your Instagram feed with a few fresh faces for 2019? While we love a good scroll with our coffee in the morning, sometimes it feels like the algorithm is running on empty. If you're in the mood for some serious style inspiration, outfit ideas or motivational accounts to get your creative juices flowing, today on Zeena Uncovered, we're giving you the short-list of our favorite modest fashion bloggers to follow on Instagram.  

5 Modest Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Instagram | ZEENA - Zeena Uncovered

Photos courtesy: @yazthespaz89 and @dermy_doctor

Saudah Saleem - @saudahsaleeminteriors

An interior designer, #bossmom and fashion lover, Saudah Saleem has a serious eye for color. "I'll always be the type of woman that chooses lace over sweats. I fall in love with the details of a space or an outfit," (www.saudahsaleem.com). Besides fawning over her lovely photography, Saudah offers solid design advice and a dash of inspiration wherever she goes. 


Yaz the Spaz - @yazthespaz89

With over 246K followers on Instagram, Yasemin Kanar aka Yaz the Spaz, is a talented makeup artist, mother of two, fashionista and savvy businesswoman with Turkish-Cuban roots. The goal of her creative hijab tutorials and daily style posts is to inspire thousands of women and girls to look and feel beautiful from the inside out. "When it comes to hijab, I think it is very important to have a variety of styles we do as women. When we wear our hijabs, we must feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident," (www.yazthespaz.com). 


Lauleh Aslani - @adayinthelalz

Lauleh Aslani is a Baltimore native and the founder of the lifestyle blog A Day in the Lalz. She celebrates her love of travel and Persian heritage, while lending her voice in the conversation about women's empowerment, self-care and beauty in the digital age. (Read her interview in the Beauty Issue of Baltimore Magazine). She also considers herself an 'All-American Girl' who injects a modest sensibility into everything she wears. To sum up her style in three words: "Classic, Accessorized, and Polished," (www.adayinthelalz.com). 



Dr. Fatima Fahs - @dermy_doctor

Skincare enthusiast and dermatology resident Dr. Fatima Fahs is nothing short of motivational. Just as comfortable in scrubs as she is wearing an evening gown, Fatima's upbeat positive messages come from the heart...and she's no stranger to the demands of juggling #momlife while making the grade. 


Nuha El-Quesny - @devotedlyyours

As an entrepreneur, YouTube vlogger and mother of two, Nuha El-Quesny is known for her amazing sense of humor and effortless style. As the founder of the water-permeable nail polish company, Nadalina Cosmetics, Nuha shares her beautiful manicures, adventures in motherhood and trips around the world.  




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