Beauty Files: Haircare Q&A Part II

Posted on October 09 2019

Beauty Files: Haircare Q&A Part II

Maintaining healthy hair is an important part of every woman's self-care routine. But when life picks up speed and we're constantly on the go, sometimes...the struggle is real when it comes to keeping your tresses nourished and glowing. All month long, you've sent us your toughest haircare questions from managing postpartum hair loss to finding the right products to keep your locks happy and healthy, even in hijab. And while there is no one-size-fits-all rulebook on hair care, finding the best solutions for your hair type can be a challenge without the right advice. Today on the blog, certified cosmetologist Zeena COO Amany Jondy is back to share her pro tips on how you can achieve the results you've always wanted. (Click here to read Haircare Q&A Part I).  

Beauty Files: Haircare Q&A Part II

In hot weather, or at the gym, sweat gets trapped under my hijab -- which results in super greasy hair, any tips?

Preventing greasy hair post-workout begins with keeping your hair under your hijab tied up in a bun and secured with an undercap. Wear a hijab designed to keep you cool and wick away moisture. Also, depending on your hair condition, pre-workouts are a great time to use a leave-in to battle your biggest hair problems. A light dusting of baking soda or dry shampoo will also dissolve some of those oils. Massage it through before you get started. Once your workout is complete, use a clarifying (volumizing) shampoo. Shampoo twice, lightly condition your ends and let air dry. You'll need to let your hair have a proper airing out post-workouts and hot days.


I've lost a lot of hair after having kids. Any tips and recommendations on regrowing hair? What shampoos and conditioners do you recommend?

There can be so many reasons for premature hair loss, and unfortunately, it is becoming very common in younger women. Genetics, environment, pregnancy and post-natal conditions, stress, and age are all contributing factors. Losing your hair can be normal, especially if it's hereditary. However, if you're having trouble regrowing your hair in more than one section, or if hair loss progresses, I would suggest paying a visit to a dermatologist (or your primary care physician).

Amany's at-home solutions: Keep your scalp conditioned with lightweight oils (such as argan oil) to prevent irritation around the follicles. Take a multivitamin religiously, and use Nioxin (stick to system 4, 5 or 6 for max assistance). Also, alternate using only the Nioxin shampoo or conditioner at any given time. This helps to ease your scalp into the system as you may experience tingling as it stimulates the scalp for hair growth. Avoid straining your hair follicles and don’t tug or use rubber bands. Instead, make the switch to clips, and do your best to not touch or run your fingers through your hair 

Beauty Files: Haircare Q&A Part II | Zeena Uncovered

How do I make my hair smell good under my hijab? Sometimes, I feel like I can smell my own hair from under my hijab, although I wash it twice a week.

While this odor is most common in women with thicker hair, it sounds like your hair might be holding in moisture. Be sure to shampoo your hair twice to get rid of any old residue and oils. Another important key is to be sure your hair is completely dry before tying it up. When you don't need to wear hijab, let your hair down whenever you can. An old trick I use all the time is to spray perfume in a brush and comb it through my dry hair. It makes me feel and smell like a million bucks!


My hair is damaged from over-dyeing it, but I wanted to wear it naturally wavy now. The products I originally tried were too greasy and heavy, causing my hair to clump...but the curls held up AMAZING! What's the best product line for fine, low porosity hair to keep it curly to the MAX?

Getting the right curl can be trial and error until you figure out what works best for you. However, treating your damaged hair first will help produce better results. The next time you color, ask your colorist to add a gloss, it gives the most beautiful shine and condition and lasts up to 20 washes. For styling, I love to mix a wave cream and mousse for finer hair. The mousse will separate the curls while the cream will control the frizz and overall size of each curl.

Beauty Files: Haircare Q&A Part II | Zeena Uncovered


Brilliantine - Bumble & Bumble Wave Cream | The Good Stuff Volumizing Hydrating Foam


Is it safe to tone your hair from home? 

Yes! Toners by definition do not lift the hair, they merely deposit color, which is not actually damaging. The only problem I foresee for at-home toning is choosing the wrong color and not getting the results you want! Tone at your own risk :)



From fine to curly, straight, wavy or kinky, every hair type is uniquely beautiful. If you have a haircare question that wasn't answered above, leave us a comment and we may answer it in our Instagram stories. Follow our Beauty + Skincare Board on Pinterest for more product recommendations and inspiration. See you next time!



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