The Best of Beauty

Posted on February 26 2020

The Best of Beauty

Today on Zeena Uncovered, we've rounded up our favorite beauty posts of all time. From makeup to manicures, we've pulled together our very best posts and videos all in one place. Keep scrolling to find out how to give yourself the at-home makeover of your dreams with pro-tips from yours truly, Zeena COO and cosmetologist, Amany Jondy. Plus, refresh your skincare routine with advice from special guest, Dr. Smeena Khan, MD. Ready to get started? *Spoiler alert* this post is a BIG one, so make sure to save it on Pinterest!

 Zeena COO and certified cosmetologist, Amany Jondy


#1 - Beauty Files: A Zeena Guide to Flawless Natural Makeup

Because achieving a natural makeup look actually requires some makeup, in this video, we've put together an easy step-by-step tutorial. Learn how to look rested and youthful with just a few products...and in only 5 minutes!  Watch A Zeena Guide to Flawless Natural Makeup for an everyday look that is the perfect balance of feeling bare-faced and flawless. (Click here to see all the products used in this video!)

Getting that "no-makeup" makeup look for a natural glow.


#2 - How to Give Yourself A Professional At-Home Manicure

Is it possible to give yourself an amazing and professional manicure at home? We think so! Learn how to pamper your nails with pro-tips on how you can skip the spa with confidence and give yourself the mani of your dreams. So grab your nail kit and click here for the step-by-step tutorial. Find your perfect shade from the Amari NY Halal Polish collection.

#3 - #GRWM --- Get Ready With Me on @simplyzeena_

Because the 'gram is the best place for daily inspiration and exclusive beauty tips you won't find anywhere else, here is one of our favorite effortless evening looks for a night on the town.


#4 - Skincare Secrets Parts I & II

The doctor is in! In a post so huge, we had to split it in two, Dr. Smeena Khan, M.D. from the Dermatology Center of Loudon, opens up in this exclusive interview on everything from acne to anti-aging; and how to keep your skin hydrated and youthful all year round. With over 20 years experience, Dr. Khan is an expert in her field and is changing the way we think about our skin with her thoughtful approach to preventative care.

The Best of Beauty on Zeena Uncovered | ZEENA

Read what to expect on your first trip to the dermatologist in Part One, and in Part Two, discover the truth about micro needling, dark spots chemical peels and more.

#5 - Beauty Files: Haircare Q&A

From how to treat damaged hair to healing split ends once and for all, in this two-part series, you'll discover how to slow down premature hair loss and the secret to bouncy, nourished hair even in hijab. Plus, see which products we trust the most to keep your locks healthy, smooth and resilient.

The Best of Beauty on Zeena Uncovered | ZEENA

Ready to rethink your hair care regimen? Click here to read Beauty Files Part One & Part Two


#6 - How Long Does Makeup Actually Last?

Just like the food we eat, your makeup has expiration dates too. With spring making an early appearance this year, the start of a new season is the perfect time for a makeup bag makeover. When cosmetics go bad, it could be doing more harm than good. Do you know how long your beauty products really last? Click the picture to find out!

The Best of Beauty on Zeena Uncovered | ZEENA

It's always a good idea to give your makeup bag a makeover.


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