Build Your Perfect Wardrobe With Just 5 Looks

Posted on May 01 2024

Build Your Perfect Wardrobe With Just 5 Looks


Following trends can be like chasing your own shadow, always one step behind. In a world where fashion trends come and go, the art of mastering staples is both wonderful and empowering. Our CEO Bayan Jondy, uses her unique strategies to help streamline your closet this summer with 5 essential looks that will take your style to new heights. Say goodbye to decision fatigue, and hello to effortless style.


Hooded Classic Active Top - Violet

Active tops have proved to be our ultimate wardrobe essential. They're versatile, smooth, and keep you cool all summer.


Hooded Classic Active Top -  Black

From coffee dates to evening strolls, comfort meets style for every part of your day. Minimalism elevated.


Kelly Utility Shirt - Crepe

The unsung hero of your wardrobe, the Kelly Utility Shirt (coming soon!), blends style and function beautifully. 


Kelly Utility Shirt - Lime 

From outdoor adventures to Friday nights out, the Kelly Utility Shirt (coming soon!) will polish your look and never disappoint. 


Eden Sash Maxi Dress - Latte

This new addition is dreamy and elegant (coming soon!). The ultimate go-to maxi dress that can be transformed from day to night, changing your vibe in an instant.


It's all about quality with these 5 essential looks. Use these in your arsenal and you'll be ready to conquer any occasion this summer.


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