3 Tips for a Total Closet Clean Out

Posted on March 21 2018

3 Tips for a Total Closet Clean Out

If the thought of cleaning out your closet sends you running in the opposite direction, you are not alone! Life gets hectic sometimes and unfortunately our closets can become temporary dumping grounds after rushed mornings, a long day, or a sudden "I have nothing to wear" tornado. If you're in the mood for a little spring cleaning, today we're sharing our top 3 secrets for how to clean out your closet...and have fun while you're at it! 

3 Tips for a Total Closet Cleanout

Tip #1 - Keep it Organized. Cleaning out your closet can be a messy process. To keep things organized, we've divided the task into three easy categories: Store, Give Away & Toss. Use these categories as labels on bins, large plastic bags or clothing piles - whatever works for you!

What to Store?

Your closet is your own private time capsule. While you're sorting through the clutter, you might stumble across a few items that give you warm n' fuzzy feelings...and that's okay. If you're a big softy at heart like me, you may find that many of your clothes have sentimental value. So, if it pains you to say goodbye, keep it. Just slip it inside a plastic garment bag and slide it to the end of the bar. Space bags are also a great solution if you decide to store special clothing under your bed or in another room.

For seasonal items, clear bins with snap-on lids are perfect for storing chunky sweaters, thicker tops, ponchos, shawls, etc. Consider anything you won't be wearing in the next six months as 'out of season' and put it in a bin. This should clear up a lot of space.

3 Tips for a Total Closet Cleanout

What to Give Away?

Have you gone up (or down) a few dress sizes? Are you ready to say farewell to 'the old you?' Sort through your garments, try them on, and find what fits and what doesn't. If you haven't worn it in over a year, give it away. With places like ThreadUP in existence, you can just pop them in the mail and you're done!


What to Toss?

Buying the right clothes is an investment and it's not so easy to just throw things away. However, if during your purge you find some items to be too stained, torn or simply falling to pieces, consider a clothing recycling program instead of throwing them in the trash. Landfill waste is an ugly reality, but there are ways to 'go green' at home. Fill out this form to search for a recycling center in your area or check out this site to find a drop-off bin. 

* Ask yourself, if I wouldn't wear these pieces in such bad condition, would anyone else? If the answer is no, recycle it.  

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Tip #2 - Make it a Party!

Cleaning your closet sounds boring, but when you make it social, it can actually be fun...and pretty insightful! Turn on some music, pop some popcorn and invite your trusted girlfriend, sister or relative over to host your own What Not to Wear party. It's always a good a idea to seek a second opinion. We do this with doctors, why not with our clothes?

Give your bosom buddies the freedom to tell you what they think. Let them pick what they hate, love or wish you would wear more often. Ask them why. The reasons may surprise you! This is also a great opportunity to swap clothes or give items away on the spot.


Tip #3 - Treat Your Closet Like a Department Store

Once you know what you want to keep, create sections so it's easy to find your favorites in the future. Stick to categories like:

  • Clothing type (shirts, pants, dresses, etc.)
  • Special events
  • Office
  • Casual
  • Outerwear

Keep long hanging garments against the far walls to protect them from snags. Also, place the items you wear the most frequently toward the center for easy grab-n-go days.

* While you're working, keep a list of what's missing. Now that the weeds have been pulled from your wardrobe, some things just have to be replaced. To make this job easier, take note of what clothes worked for you in the past and have fun finding modern, updated versions of them. Chances are, you'll fall in love with something new in no time!


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Jamillah Abdullah, Zeena Team Contributor


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