Favorite Fragrances - All Empty

Posted on July 18 2016

Favorite Fragrances - All Empty
My favorite fragrances for all seasons, I've narrowed them down to three!
All three of my favorite perfumes were gifted to me and all currently sit on my vanity empty :(
I'll start with the most unique and special to me, LAYA. I received this when I moved to DC from Abu Dhabi almost four years ago. It's a Sephora Dubai exclusive and is the perfect mix between sweet and spicy, perfect for the winter months. It's an oil based scent, which means you only need one spray that will last the entire day. If you're ever in Dubai, check out Sephora in Dubai Mall and have a sniff.
My next favorite is by Paco Rabanne, Lady Million. A little strong, yet still very feminine. The best way to describe this scent is a little lemon, orange, jasmine, and gardenia all jumbled together. I can use this all year long, but I find myself reaching for it mostly in the fall.
This is my most recent discovery, Hanae by Hanae Mori. Crazy enough, I finished this bottle in two months! It's a floral scent with hints of sugar, and always gets me tons of compliments. I'll definitely be re-purchasing this one!
Try them all or just one, you won't regret it.
Thanks for reading!
XOXO, Amany (COO)

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