5 Kid-Friendly Eid Party Ideas

Posted on August 15 2018

5 Kid-Friendly Eid Party Ideas

Happy Eid everyone! Doesn't it seem like the months after Ramadan pass in the blink of an eye? A moment ago we were fasting and now we're sending our loved ones off to Hajj and planning our sacrifices for the big feast ahead. With so much to do, getting the little ones involved (*and keeping them entertained) can sometimes be a challenge. Today on Zeena Uncovered, we're sharing our favorite kid-friendly Eid activities your whole family can enjoy. So, grab a cup of coffee and take notes, because we're gearing up to make this Eid Al-Adha one for the books! 

Kid friendly Eid party ideas

When we were growing up, Eid was always full of color, excitement, laughter, family and...presents! We loved waking up to a special breakfast, then heading off to the masjid early in the morning for prayer. Now that we're parents ourselves, the roles have certainly reversed and we're the ones in charge of planning a fun-filled afternoon for the children in our life! But instead of playing it safe and passing out the usual coloring pages and goody bags, why not surprise your kids with the unexpected?

Rent A Petting Zoo

Watch your child’s eyes light up when they see a real-live zoo in their own backyard! Go wild with miniature horses, furry bunnies, baby farm animals or tiny turtles who eat from the palm of your hand. A mobile zoo like Squeals on Wheels in Potomac, MD is perfect for a summer holiday, so get the carrot sticks ready and let the good times roll!


Give Out Money Balloons

Money Balloons tutorial. How to make money balloons for eid.

Image: Sugar & Charm

We love money balloons and how easy they make everyone jump up and start popping! Simply roll up a $1, $5 or $10 (*or higher!), add a little confetti and inflate a 16" clear balloon with helium. No matter what age you are, money balloons are always a hit and they're waaaay more exciting than the standard envelope. We love this great how-to tutorial from Sugar & Charm


Rent an Ice Cream Truck

Rent an Ice Cream Truck - Eid Party Ideas

Nothing turns heads faster than the sound of an ice cream truck! But instead of all that waiting and chasing and coin-counting, why not pay in advance for an all-you-can-eat mobile treat? Renting a dessert truck, snow cone machine or even a cotton candy maker is easier than you think and not only will it save you time in the kitchen, but it'll keep your pint-sized guests delighted all night with more sweets than they can imagine! You might need to do some research to find out what type of machine or truck is right for you, but for all you ice cream junkies out there...Ben & Jerry's delivers!


Host an Eid-Themed Scavenger Hunt

Sheep Eid Gift Bags from Hanae Kabbal

Image: Hanae Kabbal

A scavenger hunt is a fun Eid activity that works well for large or small groups. Pair up with a buddy and solve for clues by answering simple, Eid-themed trivia questions, such as:

  • Who built the Kabaa?
  • What is Arafat Day?
  • Where do Muslims go on Hajj?

The team that answers everything correctly (*with an adult's help!) unlocks a map to secret prizes around the yard. Scavenger hunts don't require a lot of prep work besides creating the treasure bags. Check out this amazing DIY goody bag tutorial from Hanae Kabbal! To fill them, reach for non-candy items like bouncy balls, jump ropes, sunglasses, lapel pins or bubble blow. When guests arrive, searching for treats together doubles as a friendly icebreaker and a great educational experience!


Rent a Bounce House

6 Fun Games to Play in a Bouncy House

Image: Pinterest

Turn your Eid festival into a real carnival with a bouncy castle! Make your kids' day extra special with a giant inflatable moon bounce they'll never forget! If you live in the DMV area, check out Astro JumpFun Kids Jump or Gaithersburg Party Rental. 


Share your kid-friendly Eid party ideas with us in the comments below!

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