New Arrival: Ribbon Brooches

Posted on February 06 2018

New Arrival: Ribbon Brooches

Brooches often fall in and out of the fashion spotlight, only to suddenly reappear as the on-trend, comeback accessory. This season, we're taking a second look at brooches, playing homage to the 70's-inspired, stylish, Parisian necktie we love so much, but transforming the traditional ribbon bow with a few modern touches -- glowing glass stars, sparkling rhinestones and chain details. Ooo-lala! 

  Ribbon Brooch Chainz - Black

Zeena CEO Bayan Jondy in Ribbon Brooch Chainz 

Why brooches?

I asked Zeena designer and CEO Bayan Jondy what she thought about brooches versus more traditional jewelry options. Here's what she had to say:

"I had an engagement party to attend and I was trying to figure out an accessory I could wear that would really dress up my outfit," she said. "I wanted to go with something apart from the typical, and this is what I designed!" 

Unlike their static jewelry counterparts, brooches are nomadic and versatile, never allowing themselves to be limited to one particular place. It's the pin-backing that gives them permission to roam and frees the imagination for brooch-lovers to pin them almost anywhere. From shirt collars to jacket lapels or purses, a brooch is the perfect accessory to express yourself with minimal effort and maximum creativity. 

Ribbon Brooch styled by COO Amany Jondy

Custom ribbon brooch styled by Zeena COO Amany Jondy

Custom ribbon brooch
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Jamillah Abdullah, Zeena Team Contributor

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