New Arrivals: Introducing The LOVE Collection

Posted on January 29 2020

New Arrivals: Introducing The LOVE Collection

Is it possible to fall in love with your closet? With the launch of our LOVE Collection, we're beginning to think so! Each day you step out your front door, it goes without saying that what you wear reflects how you feel on the inside. Even on those less than perfect, coffee-to-go, leggings and a hoodie days, we're on a mission to keep you covered and confident...but most importantly, we want you to feel proud to be modest, because dressing your values is no easy task (*which is why we're here to make things simple!)

It's only the beginning of our 9th year at Zeena, and with Valentine's Day just around the corner, we are so excited to finally share the launch of the LOVE Collection! In fact, we've dedicated this entire post to filling you in on everything you need to know about our brand-new Flyaway Tops, LOVE Hoodie Sweaters, gorgeous wraps, heart-themed Basic Tanks and Fresh Zip Active Tops. Swipe or scroll to view the entire collection at a glance!


The Flyaway Top The LOVE Collection: Flyaway Tops - Zeena Uncovered

 Choose your own adventure. Loose and swingy Flyaway Tops are now available in three must-have designs. Emerald Print | Black | Royal Print

What's not to love about a flattering slip-on tunic that works wonders with every pair of pants you own? From jeans to skinnies to wide-leg palazzos, the Flyaway Top was designed to be beautiful, easy and elegant. Did we mention it has pockets? *Fun Fact* -- For some of you out there, this long-sleeved dream might look a little familiar to you, and that's because we originally released the Flyaway Top waaaaaay back in 2011! It's about time it made a comeback, don't you think?

The Original Flyaway Top from the LOVE Collection - Zeena Uncovered

When in Rome...the original Flyaway Top worn by Zeena COO Amany Jondy (left).


The LOVE Hoodie Sweater

All New: Introducing the LOVE Collection on Zeena Uncovered | ZEENA

Introducing the LOVE Neon Hoodie, and Hoodie Sweaters in Crimson and Black.

All New: Introducing the LOVE Collection on Zeena Uncovered | ZEENA

Our LOVE Collection Hoodie Sweaters are long and sporty, making them perfect for keeping you fashionably cozy all day. Deep kangaroo pockets, contrasting trim and printed shoelace ties are just some of the cute details which make these sweaters our new winter favorites.


LOVE Collection Wraps

All New: Introducing the LOVE Collection on Zeena Uncovered | ZEENA

InstaHijab - Flame, Love Lock Wrap, Neon Pop Wrap, Leaflet Wrap

Made from lightweight polyester chiffon, the LOVE Collection wraps and InstaHijabs are just right for adding a pop of pizazz to your daily style. With four irresistible prints to choose from, we're sure you'll find one that suits your fancy.


New Basic Tanks

All New: Introducing the LOVE Collection on Zeena Uncovered | ZEENA

Paisleys, patterns and prints, oh my! A modest essential, the Basic Tank is back with a bright new palette and adorable heart-themed designs. The sleeveless style and covered buttons give you the power to dress them up or down with a comfy cardigan or relaxed fit blazer. (Stay inspired with more ideas on how to rock your Basic Tanks here!)


Fresh Zip Active Tops

All New: Introducing the LOVE Collection on Zeena Uncovered | ZEENA

Fresh Zip Active Tops in Valentine, Kohl and Royal.

The Zeena Active family just got bigger! The LOVE Collection Fresh Zip Active Tops are everything you love about our original Active Tops, only fresher! Same lighter-than-air moisture-wicking fabric, same water resistance and gym-approved silhouette...but this season, we've switched things up with a crew neck collar and contrasting zip-up pockets.


With so many cute designs, the LOVE Collection definitely has something for everyone. Which piece has caught your eye? Share your thoughts in the comments below! See you next time!



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