15 Must-Haves for Your Summer 2019 Wishlist

Posted on July 10 2019

15 Must-Haves for Your Summer 2019 Wishlist

What's on your summer wishlist? We have to admit, there's nothing like a little window shopping to spark the daydreamer inside all of us! And while we actually started putting together this list preparing for our London vacation (*see the pics our Instagram page here), we decided to get the entire Zeena Team involved to make it complete. From sandals to skincare, day trip ideas, gadgets and modest wardrobe essentials, today on the blog, we're sharing our 15 most wanted items to carry you through the rest of the summer in style.  

15 Must-Haves to Add to Your Summer Wishlist | Zeena Uncovered #UncoverModesty

1. A Soft Pink Hijab | As far as we're concerned, Millennial pink will never go out of fashion, especially during the summer months. To get your daily dose of blush, we've placed the InstaHijab - Pink Rock and the Lanai Scarf at the top of our list.

2. A Circle Bag | One look at the Kate Circle Linen Crossbody by Rebecca Minkoff sent us spinning head-over-heels. How can you say now to leather-trimmed linen and that sleek ring buckle? We think it's time to start a circle bag collection of our own.

3. A Floaty Leopard Jacket | Rock the 80's throwback look with an oversized blazer complete with shoulder pads. Make it modern by choosing an upbeat pattern like this loveable black & white leopard spot.

4. Metallic SandalsThe Lela Flat by Jimmy Choo are as cute as they are comfortable. We see ourselves wearing them with just about everything from the Ray Classic Skirt to wide-leg jeans. 

5. The Hanacure | Known for its amazing, age-defying results, The Hanacure is an at-home facial in a box that melts away the years like butter in a hot skillet. Say bon voyage to puffy eyes with this transformative experience. 

6. A Straw Tote | Nothing says summer like a huge, practical, all-purpose straw tote bag. This beach-ready tassel tote from Nordstrom holds everything from water bottles to flip-flops and can be monogrammed with any letter from A to Z. 

7. A Tile Mate | Whether they're hiding in your luggage or at the bottom of your beach bag, never lose your keys again with the Tile Mate. A powerful little Bluetooth tracking device that buzzes or rings with the touch of a button, we wonder why something like this wasn't invented earlier?

8. Summer Whites | If you've been following us on Instagram, maybe you've noticed Bayan is a little obsessed with these ever-so-versatile tie front wide-leg pants! Here's why...pair them with anything from a tunic top to a sleeveless waistcoat and your outfit is instantly fit for summer!

9. The Rosie Gift Set | Step out of the bath with the aroma of roses, vanilla and argan oil. Give it away or gift yourself The Rosie, a downright deliciously scented bath set by LUSH, our favorite vegan apothecary.

10. A Good Book | Stick with the classics and you'll never be disappointed. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee was required reading in high-school, but deserves a second (*or third) glance now that the Broadway adaptation will be coming to the Kennedy Center next summer. 

11. An iPhone Docking Station | We don't know about you, but we sleep so much better knowing all of our Apple gadgets are also tucked in tight. Store your tech essentials neatly with this minimalist bedside charging dock by Belkin.

12. A Retro Caboodle | For makeup storage on-the-go, you know you need a Caboodle. This two-tone icon harkens back to the Saved by the Bell days of Zach and Kelly. So, go ahead, treat your 1990 super-organized self to a piece of the past!

13. A Sleeveless Blazer | Worn open or closed, enhance your modest wardrobe with this chic, layering-friendly linen pocket vest from Mango. 


Roosevelt Island DC


14. A Day Trip to Roosevelt Island | A hidden gem in our Nation's Capitol, Roosevelt Island is a pint-sized national park visible from the Georgetown Waterfront. Pack a picnic and step inside this natural retreat to hike or bike the 1.6 mile trail.

15. Lunch at Bantam King | Voted one of the Top 25 Best Casual Restaurants in D.C., Bantam King offers legendary halal (*yes, you heard right!) chicken ramen in a vibrant atmosphere and we can't wait to sink our teeth into! Peep their menu and you'll understand -- our mouths are watering just thinking about it!



Which items made your Summer Wishlist? Is there anything we're missing out on? Share your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!


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