Say Hello to the Petite Wrap

Posted on April 29 2020

Say Hello to the Petite Wrap

It’s not every day we rethink our hijabs. Introducing the Petite Wrap Collection, an all new size wrap just in time for spring. We are so excited about this launch because it offers women more options in their hijab wardrobe. We get so used to wearing the same size and the same shapes that we never stop to ask ourselves, "what more can we do?" With 30% less fabric than our basic jersey wraps, the Petite Wrap is all about keeping things short and sweet.

 The Petite Wrap Collection

Designed by Zeena CEO Bayan Jondy, the Petite Wrap offers less bulk, making it easy to tuck in the tails of your hijab for a classic look.


“Personally, I get tired of having so much extra material in some of my wraps,” says Bayan. “Some days, I find it too heavy and I have a hard time hiding the extra fabric. For those who don’t like a lot of material inside of their shirt collar, or for women looking for a lighter feel, we named our newest hijab the Petite Wrap. At 22" x 60" this wrap is still long enough to leave the two ends free, so it doesn’t take away from your original style."



 Soft, micro-perforated texture for maximum air flow. Meet our new favorite black, the Petite Wrap in Jersey Jet.


Designed for women on-the-go, the Petite Wrap combines everything we love: breathability, comfort, ease and style.

Grow your wardrobe with 6 classic colors:

 The Petite Wrap Collection

The Petite Wrap in Jersey Jet, Coffee, Peanut, Porcelain, Ballet  & Cloud


 Ready to try something new? Tell us what you think of the Petite Wrap in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you!



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