Simple Snacks for a Healthier You

Posted on January 22 2020

Simple Snacks for a Healthier You

Happy New Year everyone! We finally made it to the 2020's after so long of not knowing what to call the decade we were in...(the twenty-teens?). Either way, we're grateful to start anew with a fresh, positive outlook on the year ahead. We have so many exciting things planned, including the launch of our Winter LOVE Collection and our special week-long anniversary celebration coming up in February. Can you believe it's been nine whole years already?

With so much happening here at Zeena, we are constantly on the go...and that means we keep finding ourselves short of quality purse snacks. Even at the office, our snack drawer is in desperate need of an overhaul. Ever since our interview with professional health coach, Zainab Ismail, founder of Fit for Allah, we've begun to think a little differently, and sadly, we'll never look at chocolate covered pretzels the same way again! So, today on the blog, we’re getting serious about snacking with healthy superfoods that will boost your energy and help you conquer those mid-afternoon cravings for good! Keep scrolling for our favorite simple snacks for a healthier you.

 Simple Snacks for a Healthier You | ZEENA - Zeena Uncovered

  • Almonds | A simple weight-loss secret, almonds are jam-packed with vitamin E, vitamin B, magnesium and copper. Eat them by the handful or sprinkle them over plain yogurt, we love how easy it is to toss a bag of almonds into our bags in the morning.
  • Dates | Not just for Ramadan anymore, dates have a centuries-old reputation for getting you full, fast. Rich in antioxidants, even eating just a small serving of dates each day gives your body about 11 grams of fiber. By stuffing them with walnuts, pistachios or even coconut flakes, you can easily turn this ordinary superfood into a delicious midday treat.


Simple Snacks for a Healthier You | ZEENA - Zeena Uncovered

  • Hummus | Part of an anti-inflammatory diet, hummus is a natural source of protein, loaded with vitamin B6. A powerful source of energy, organic hummus promotes a healthy mind & muscle growth. Keep an 8oz tub in the fridge or pop open a single cup for easy dipping.
  • Carrots, Celery & Peppers | You are what you eat! And brightly colored veggies are the way to go for vitamin C, better eyesight, beta-carotene (vitamin A) and fiber. Not to mention, last decade's celery craze isn't quite over yet and you can still flaunt your slim green stalks for a slow n' steady energy burn all day.
  • Pita Chips | Pita chips have a salty reputation for being a quick-burning carb that won't fill you up for long. However, we recommend pairing your whole grain pita with hummus dip and eating them alongside your favorite vegetables for a satisfying crunch.

Simple Snacks for a Healthier You | ZEENA - Zeena Uncovered

  • Yogurt Parfait | Yogurt is always a winner when it comes to flavor, protein and possibilities. Just add granola and chopped fruit for savory snack you can prepare the night before using mason jars or tupperware.
  • Dark Berries | Hundreds of years ago, humans depended on berries as a dietary staple, and no wonder...berries improve digestion by helping food move through your intestinal tract with no trouble at all. High in fiber and antioxidants, berries are low-calorie stress busters that lower your cholesterol and improve brain power. With a brand new year ahead, who doesn't want that?

Got a favorite healthy snack to share? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. See you next time!


The Zeena Team

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  • Zeena Uncovered: January 27, 2020

    Great idea Sakeena! Thanks for sharing your healthy banana split recipe ~ yogurt is such a great alternative for ice cream, especially if you chill it in the freezer for a little bit. Can’t wait to try it! :)
    Zeena Uncovered

  • Sakeena: January 22, 2020

    Healthy banana split: cut banana in half lengthwise, spread each side with peanut butter, almond butter, or yogurt. Sprinkle with nuts, raisins, seeds, shredded coconut, and top off with a drizzle of honey!

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