A Step-by-Step Guide for Shopping with your Teen

Posted on July 02 2021

A Step-by-Step Guide for Shopping with your Teen

It seems like only yesterday shopping with your little girl meant breezing through Carter's while she pointed out her favorite colored graphic tees and gingham sets. For so many of her formative years, the task of choosing all her cute outfits was entirely up to you. And sizing? What could be easier than a 2T, 3T toddler system? Life was so simple back then! Now that your teen is all grown up, picking out new clothes may seem like a task, but take it from us, helping your teen find her personal style can be a fun, rewarding, bonding experience...if you come prepared!

If your teenage daughter, niece or granddaughter is ready to make her own clothing choices, then this is the post for you, because today on Zeena Uncovered we're giving a head start on how to plan a successful shopping trip, while still dressing fashionably modest. 


Finding your personal style is a lifelong journey that doesn't have to have a finish line, but we know from personal experience, it often begins right around 10-12 years old. Once you enter the more emotional middle years of teenager-hood (15, 16, & 17), what to wear...or what not to wear can teeter on the edge of a fashion standoff if you're not careful. Here are a few simple tips to make your shopping trip a success:

Step 1: Take Inventory - Before you even step out the door, take a practical look at your teen's closet together to see what she might actually need. If you notice her essential long-sleeve tee is on its last leg or that she's outgrown her favorite pair of jeans, maybe it's time for a few replacements? Take this opportunity to give away old clothes too. Fashion waste is a huge environmental problem and she might even teach you a thing or two about 'closing the loop'.

Step 2: Make a Wish List - We love ourselves a big, fat, juicy wish list! Creating an online shopping guide allows her to freely explore her personal aesthetic all across the web. Our favorite tool for designing fashion boards is of course, Pinterest. The Instagram collections feature is also a fast and easy tool, and chances are, she probably already has a few boards ready to go. 

Step #3: Set a Budget - Having a budget doesn't equal 'no fun'. Setting a limit on how much your teen can spend will keep everyone from getting off-track. Impulse buys can quickly add up and might even lead to a meltdown at checkout. If there is something expensive your teen absolutely has to have, consider taking a mental tally. Whatever amount she went over budget could add up to the number of chores she has to do in order to 'work off' those extra clothes. Another idea comes from a little self-reflection. Is there another item she can put back? If she is bringing her own money, can you go half-and-half on the price? Without criticizing her choices, speak honestly with your teen and work together to find a peaceful solution. 

Step #4: OOTD - Do you know your teen's daily look? Is she bohemian, traditional, light & flowy, prim & preppy? As you choose new pieces to add to her wardrobe, consider her personal style. If you find her struggling with what to choose, stimulate her thought process with encouraging statements like

  • "This top would look great with your cut-off jeans!"
  • "You know, with an extension tank, you can rock the layered look with this amazing (too-short) crop top!"
  • "I heard over-sized boyfriend shirts are really trending these days? Let's grab two!"
  • "That sundress looks perfect to wear with ankle pants! What if we make it more of a tunic with a quick hem?" 

Step #5: Connect - Once your shopping trip is complete, it's time to decompress. Slow down, take a breather, and treat yourselves to bubble tea or a well-deserved meal at your favorite restaurant. "When you talk with your teen," says Zeena CEO Bayan Jondy, "make sure you emphasize that making her own choices is a good thing. Having an opinion on what she wears will give her confidence in the future. If you put yourself in her shoes, remember that just like you, she wants to look nice without it being so difficult. So, it’s your job to guide her towards making good choices and finding clothes that speak to her style."

The Summer 2021 Wishlist From Our Girls:

Summer 2021 Teen Wishlist | Zeena Uncovered

#1 90s monogram mini bag | #2 Featherlight Clear Mascara + Brow Gel | #3 Powder Blue Active Hijab | #4 Oversized Boyfriend Jean Jacket | #5 Adidas Originals Pastel Bucket Hat | #6 Skirted Active Swim Pants | #7 Colorblock Chuck 70 | #8 Tie Dye Tee & Pants Set


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