The Do's and Don'ts of How to Stay Casual Chic

Posted on March 02 2022

The Do's and Don'ts of How to Stay Casual Chic

Looking good while dressing down is easy, if you have a cheat sheet! When we put together casual chic outfits, there is a simple 2-step process that goes through our minds. In a nutshell, what to do & what not to do. Laid-back days call for mixing and matching, texture and prints, jeans and sneakers, comfort and style. Today on Zeena Uncovered, we're here to show you how to walk the fine line between dressing too casually without over-dressing at the same time. 


Do's: Want to know how to achieve a cute, casual chic outfit you'll want to wear again and again? Here's what to do...

Say Yes to Sneakers

Sneakers are an automatic win for team casual. Sneakers come in every color imaginable. They're comfy and keep you on your toes (pun intended)!



Wear All-Black 

It's hard to argue with an all black ensemble. Remember, it's okay to mix blacks with different textures, including shiny + matte or even leather + satin. Top things off with a pop of color with your hijab or minimalist gold accessories. 




Mix Casual and Dressy

Think denim. Jeans can instantly bring down an outfit to a casual mood without necessarily bringing it down. Pair your favorite jeans with a slightly dressy top for a nice mix. We love using our Rhinestone Collars for a glamourous touch. Likewise, adding a blazer over your athleisure pieces will take things up a notch. One of our go-to looks this season -- joggers or even a hoodie with an oversized jacket.



Go Oversized

You know what they say, go big or go home! Oversized blazers, jackets and tops are just plain cooler, that's why we rely on this trend to help us when we want to look good without trying too hard.



Belts Over Everything

Another casual chic 'cheat code' is to embellish your cardigan or blazer with the classiest of accessories: a belt. Whether you stick with black or brown leather, or something with a luxe buckle, belts will always take your outfit to the next level. 





Don’ts: Here's what not to do to avoid looking shabby chic.

  • Don’t try to squeeze into a smaller size. Going a size up is not only way more flattering, but currently on-trend. Besides, casual = comfortable, and comfort is king for casual days.
  • Don’t wear too many colors. Try to stick to 3 or less colors in one outfit. There's a difference between matchy-matchy and OCD overloading. Keep it simple, okay?
  • Don’t vomit logos on your outfit. We all have our favorite brands, but that doesn't mean they sponsor you! Limit yourself to one big logo or two smaller ones, otherwise your look will scream advertisements.
  • Don't perfectly match your handbag to your shoes. This fashion tip is hardly possible if you're wearing sneakers. Not only that, it limits opportunities for you to show your unique style! If the temptation is too much for you, stick to neutrals or reach for a bag with a pop of color.


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