The Eid 2020 Activity Guide

Posted on July 23 2020

The Eid 2020 Activity Guide

With Eid al-Adha just around the corner, each new day brings us closer to one of our favorite holidays of the year. There's nothing quite like a steaming cup of coffee after the early morning prayer, calling up those out-of-state relatives and preparing slightly educational gift baskets for all the little ones (especially when you know all they really want is candy!). Have you started planning how to celebrate Eid this year? In our home, we’re all about staying safe and keeping things simple. While travel limitations, social distancing and crowd restrictions have definitely affected what we usually do, sometimes it's refreshing to think outside the box. If last Ramadan taught us anything, we know that with a little planning and imagination, you can create memorable moments your whole family will enjoy. So pack up those picnic baskets, grab a few face masks and get outdoors, because today on Zeena Uncovered, we're sharing a list of our favorite close-to-home Eid activities beyond the basic potluck dinner. It’s time to inspire new traditions and celebrate Eid like never before!  

The Eid 2020 Activity Guide | Zeena Uncovered

A Day at the Beach - Delaware, that tiny, quiet, triangular state has more to offer than friendly business licensing laws. Did you know there are miles of beautiful beaches along the coastline that make for a wonderful day trip? One of our favorites is Fenwick Island, population 379! If you're headed there from the DMV, you could be soaking up the sun after a two hour drive. Collect seashells, visit a lighthouse, and end the day at a delicious seafood restaurant on the shore. The best part is, it's so close, you'll be home before bedtime! 

The Eid 2020 Activity Guide | Zeena Uncovered

Venture Into the Wild - Surprise your family by picking them up in a hot new set of wheels and taking them for a spin. If you've never rented a convertible before, we highly recommend trying it at least once in a lifetime...and this Eid is the perfect occasion to do something totally unexpected! Take the scenic route along the Shenandoah Valley and soak up nature with the windows down. Skyline Drive is one of America's most beautiful, historic byways speckled with breathtaking lookout points, we know you're going to love! 

Nighttime Scavenger Hunt – This year, make them earn those Eid presents by planning a nighttime scavenger hunt. We’re talking flashlights, walkie-talkies, the whole nine yards! Team up with a buddy and scour the flowerbeds for treasure. You can hide anything from money envelopes to gift cards, even small toys. The trick is preparing a master list and a map so you know where everything is hidden so that everybody wins! 

The Eid 2020 Activity Guide | Zeena Uncovered

Make a Splash – Cool down in the summer heat by planning a refreshing pool party. If public pools aren’t an option and you don’t have access to a private one, create an at-home water park by setting up an obstacle course with different “stations” – an inflatable wading pool, a sprinkler, splashpad, a slip n’ slide, etc. If you have little ones, simple games like a water balloon toss will keep them entertained for hours. Stay hydrated with delicious mixers, popsicles and flavored waters. We recommend keeping a cooler stocked and ready!


The Eid 2020 Activity Guide | Zeena Uncovered

Picnic PhotoshootIt’s time to get fancy! Put on your best Eid clothes and pack a stylish picnic, because that family photoshoot you’ve been putting off for years is finally happening! Book a local photographer, or if you’d rather keep things in the family, a high-quality camera or phone + a willing friend/relative is all it takes to get those scrapbook-worthy shots. Where to find the perfect spot? There are plenty of parks and public nature trails that are open to the public, including the Georgetown Boardwalk, Rock Creek Park and the National Mall (just be sure to check if any photography permits are needed in advance). 

The Eid 2020 Activity Guide | Zeena Uncovered

Backyard Movie Night - Pop some popcorn and host an unforgettable outdoor movie night in your own backyard! There’s no place like the movies and there’s no place like home. With a great projector, soft blankets, a portable screen and of course, pillows, you can transform your yard into a fabulous theater experience complete with tikki torches and string lights! Create goody boxes for each guest, or setup a concession stand with all your favorite treats. Now all that’s left is choosing the right flick (we suggest putting 3 titles up for a vote…majority rules!).

With love and prayers, we hope all of you have a wonderful holiday filled with blessings! How are you celebrating Eid al-Adha? Share your family-friendly ideas in the comments below. Eid Mubarak!

We are still so excited about the launch of our Eid 2020 collection! (If you haven't seen what's new for yourself, take a look around our re-designed website!)

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  • Zeena Uncovered: July 26, 2020

    Eid Mubarak R.R.! Hosting a stay-at-home Eid is certainly a big change from what we’re used to, thankfully we had last Ramadan to teach us how to do it! Have a wonderful movie night with your family…and don’t forget the popcorn!

  • R. R. : July 23, 2020

    This is a great idea list. My favorite is the movie night. That’s a great way to end Eid day!!

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