Announcing Zeena Uncovered

Posted on June 03 2013

Announcing Zeena Uncovered


It's been a long time coming!  Welcome to "Zeena Uncovered" - our brand new company blog.  Here we’ll provide you with exclusive style tips, unique personal finds, and parts of our everyday lives that we hope you'll find helpful and even amusing.  

We never forget that this company came to life because of you: inspiring women with a growing need for contemporary modest fashion.  When we launched our first line of exclusive designs two and a half years ago, you again overwhelmed us.  Your fantastic responses and our thousands of amazing customers pushed us to come up with more.  

Zeena Uncovered represents our effort to give back to you all in a longer and more dedicated form.  So check out this space regularly for all of the above, along with the inside scoop on our designs & brainstorming sessions. We're continually energized by each and every one of you modest fashionistas.   The launch of our blog is exciting on so many levels, but mainly because we love the idea of delving deeper into fashion ideas and, of course, our closets! 

We have numerous exciting posts planned based on requests you've made in the past.  And we'll continue to look to you, as always, for future inspiration.  We're thrilled to have this new medium to help us along our ongoing journey of being demure, elegant, and modern.  

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