Let's talk intimates!

Posted on July 01 2013

Let's talk intimates!

Every girl knows this: what goes on under your clothes matters just as much as the clothes themselves. Finding the right undergarments can make the difference between a good outfit and a perfect ensemble. Today, we're sharing with you a few of our amazing finds that we think make any look absolutely flawless! 


1.  Well fitting bra

We aren't the first, nor will we be the last to stress the importance of a well fitting bra! It can make all the difference in the world, not only in terms of appearance, but definitely in the comfort department too. Regardless of your bust size, a good bra will take a few "fit issues" off your mind for good. We also use the straps to pin loose ends of our scarf down and stay sharp and polished all day!  


These fit tips are a good place to start! 

Too busy to schedule a bra fitting, check out this DIY guide 



2.  Crew neck tops


These are great for structure and neck coverage.  Your outer layer will always fall more seamlessly with a snug fitting t-shirt or tank underneath. These help us avoid issues like fabric bunching awkwardly in the chest area. It also helps with coverage around your neck and it keeps your scarf from shifting.  



 3.  Control top 



Our absolute favorite in this category (and there are many many options out there) is the Yummy Tummie Girlfriend Tank. For moms especially, or just about anyone looking for a bit more control in the tummy area than the typical tank provides, this is a total God send! It's made of lightweight material and doesn't feel like you're wrapped in spandex! The fit is totally natural and feels just like a tank, but provides a surprising amount of "tightening."  It's safe to say this is the perfect bottom layer for almost every outfit we've tried it with!


4. Silky Tank Tops


This is our ultimate modest-friendly fave! If you've got curves and have been in front of a mirror one too many times wondering if your long shirt clung just a little too much to your backside, well, this has been a total life saver for us! Anytime you're wearing a fabric that's a little more likely to do the clingy thing around your curves, a silk tank top underneath is the perfect fix! It gives your top layer more flow and moves it away from your body so you're not tugging at your shirt repeatedly throughout the day!    



That about covers it for us! We'd love to hear about your creative modesty solutions. Share them with us on our FB page and let us know what other fit issues you'd like us to tackle next! 


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