$40 or Less At-Home Date Night Ideas

Posted on October 21 2020

$40 or Less At-Home Date Night Ideas

Isn't it funny how during quarantine, all we wanted to do was paint the town red, and now that the weather is getting cooler, we're craving those cozy moments at home again? Today on Zeena Uncovered, it's all about date night! We've been getting creative lately and discovered that staying-in can be just as enjoyable as going out. Date night is a special occasion that doesn't have to have a reason. It's easy to show your special someone you love them with just a few simple moves. Switch things up with a surprise dinner for two or create a romantic space in your home they'll never forget. If you're looking for inexpensive at-home date night ideas, this post is for you. Keep scrolling to learn how you can have an amazing date night for $40 or less! 


Paint Night - $40 or Less At Home Date Night Ideas | Zeena Uncovered


Paint Night - You can learn a lot about someone by what colors they choose. Tap into your innner artist with a one-on-one paint night at home. Choose a subject from around your house (i.e. a bowl of fruit, your favorite photo or a vacation destination.) Can't think of a topic? No worries, Muse Paintbar offers easy, step-by-step instructional videos for under $20. Now, all you need is paint & canvas!

Take an Online Dance Class - Kick off your bunny slippers and move back the couch! Leap, twirl or foxtrot in the privacy of your own home by signing up for an online class. Choose your style -- Zumba, hip-hop, Tango, Bollywood or ballet -- then dance your heart out! Several studios that offer a monthly subscription, while others host live, free sessions. Here's a few to get you started:

Make this date more memorable by dressing the part (*hint hint: 'Dancing with the Stars' - home edition)!

Start a Book Club - When was the last time you and your partner read the same book at the same time? Probably never. We love the idea of starting a book club at home (with just the two of you) for lots of reasons, but mostly because it gives you a great topic to discuss over dinner. So, instead of catching up on work or how the kids are doing in virtual school, start your date by talking about the latest chapter in your creepy crime thriller. Don't know what to read? Check out our Fall Booklist for ideas.


Brunch in the Backyard - While the weather is still (relatively) warm, have a morning date by brunching in the backyard. Fresh fruit, crepes, avacado toast, omelettes...bring out all your favorite post-breakfast favorites and spend time together watching the Fall colors. 

Blind Taste Testing - Remember the Pepsi vs Coke challenge? Play this game with soda, candy or chips and see who really knows their snacks!

Recreate Your Favorite Restaurant Dish - Are you an undercover Chopped fanatic? Cooking side-by-side is one way to find out! WIth a quick internet search, find recipes that match your favorite restaurant meals and try to make them at home. Who's dish tastes like the real thing? (...and who's doesn't?) Someone has to get 'chopped', right?



Watch Your Favorite Childhood Movies - Warning: watching your most memorable childhood movies as an adult might give you all the feels! Remember that scene in E.T. when the alien got sick? What about those catchy Disney songs, do you still know all the words? Surprise your partner by ordering a gourmet popcorn box for two, or create your own concession stand with all your favorite treats. 

Indoor Picnic - This date is always a winner. Nothing spells romance like a candlelight dinner, especially when it's a picnic. Lay out floor pillows, play some relaxing music and ditch the straw basket for fancy trays. Cooking/ordering food from your very first date will show off your sentimental side, so get creative! Everyone loves a picnic.

Solve a Mystery - Play detective, follow the evidence, and work together to solve a cold case mystery. Everything about each case is completely fictional, but you'll feel like you're in a real true-crime story!  


$40 or Less At Home Date Night Ideas | Zeena Uncovered

Gather Around a Bonfire - Marshmallows, check. Outdoor speaker, check. Building a (safe) and cozy bonfire in your backyard is all it takes to set the mood for a fantastic evening. If you have camping equipment, using a portable bonfire kit is simple and easy. If not, go DIY and dig your own fire pit and use a self-starter log. Whichever you decide, sitting around a roaring fire is a great way to spend the evening together. 

Couple vs. Couple: Double Date Game Night - Sounds like fun, right? Invite a couple over for takeout and bust out the board games. There's nothing like a winner-take-all game of UNO to bring on the laughs!

Date in a Box - Sounds too good to be true, but you can literally order a date in a box. In this day and age, subscription boxes are everywhere. DateboxClub is just one of many companies who deliver exciting date night ideas right to your door. With monthly plans under $40 and digital dates available, this one is definately worth trying. 


Which at-home date night ideas did you love the most? Got another idea that we missed? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below, see you next time!


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