This is Why We Vote

Posted on October 08 2020

This is Why We Vote

This is why we vote.

It's hard to believe 2020 is coming to a close. As one of the most tumultuous years in our lifetime, no one could have predicted the events that have unfolded to date. Our country continues to struggle against a global pandemic while we fight raging wildfires on the west, weather hurricaines in the south, and witness unspeakable crimes and heartwrenching protests from the cities to the suburbs. Now, only a few weeks remain before the next president of the United States will be decided.

It cannot be said enough: voting is essential. You are essential. Simply put, voting is a fundamental and key freedom of American life. Making decisions for ourselves rather than allowing others to make decisions for us is what constitutes a democracy. 

Our power lies in our votes.

You might be wondering, does my vote really matter? Absolutely. If you recall, not too long ago, George W. Bush defeated Al Gore in 2000 by less than 600 votes in the state of  Florida. Had 600 more people voted for Gore, things may have been vastly different for the following eight years. As we stand at the precipice of one of the most critical elections of our time, it's important to remember that presidential elections are not the only elections where your votes can make a difference. Local elections have a far fewer voter turnout, yet are equally important. The results can directly affect your communites, your schools, funding for your neighborhoods, plus, these types of elections are decided by a much smaller number of voters.

Let’s take it further. Beyond the ‘exercising your vote’ conversation, this election day, we have a moral obligation to show up for ourselves, our neighbors, and our communities. We have a chance to set the record straight. We have the power to decide our future. Hate has no place here.

And further still, let us not be discouraged by defeat. It can be overwhelming to receive a barrage of negative news on a daily basis. From social media to television, magazines, editorials and newspapers, information overload is real and may sometimes leaves us feeling powerless. You must remember, we are not victims.

Do not remain on the sidelines. By voting, we hold the key to empowering ourselves. Vote. Make a difference. Let your voice be heard -- and if not for ourselves, then for others less privileged.

Amany Jondy, Zeena COO


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