Workout Tips From Moms Who Are Crushing it at Home

Posted on October 01 2020

Workout Tips From Moms Who Are Crushing it at Home


Want to know the biggest lesson 2020 has taught us so far? Being flexible. Adjusting to the "new normal" is so much more than coming up with alternatives to the activities we used to enjoy. Sometimes it means thinking on your feet and making the most of each and every moment. In-between juggling the demands of virtual learning with the kiddos and working from home during a pandemic, we made it our personal goal to maintain a healthy lifestyle no matter what life throws our way. We may have our occasional cheat days (ice cream is our weakness!), but learning how to stay in shape while parenting always gives us the turbo boost we need to get through the day. So, put on your Active Tops and start stretching, because today on Zeena Uncovered, we're sharing totally attainable healthy lifestyle tips from fitness moms who are crushing it at home!


"I stay up after Fajr 3 days a week and get my workout in with no interruptions. It’s my quiet time. Any other walks or hikes that happen are extra, which feels great! Getting up that early also gives me time to plan my meals for the day so I’m not just grabbing anything to eat." -- Zeena CEO Bayan Jondy


Hanan @hypegirlhealth | It's time to get hype! As a fitness fanatic and women's empowerment advocate, Hanan chronicles her health journey through inspirational before & after pictures and mouth-watering recipes. Her kick-butt workout videos will have you leaving those excuses behind. And her meal prep tips? Let's just say, it's time to cook less, eat better, and get out of the kitchen!

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Hanan's Top 3 Healthy Tips:

  • Choose a program that works for your lifestyle. Being a mom takes a lot of energy and time. If you commit to a program that seems impossible, then it may not be the right fit. Find something that is more realistic to commit to (i.e. walking 3x a week).
  • Communicate your fitness goals to your partner and loved ones. When people around you know your goals, they are able to support and encourage you. Verbal support can help you get through a tough day; at the same time, physical support can really take a load off your shoulders!
  • Ask for help when you need it. Trying to juggle it all can be mentally and physically draining. Part of being healthy is balancing everyday life...and sometimes we do need help. Don't hesitate to ask for what you need.


Fatema S. Kermalli @fskshealthyway | Health coach, personal trainer, and recipe creator Fatema S. Kermalli (FSK) is a powerhouse when it comes to feeling the burn. As a new mom, getting in shape on her terms isn't about attaining a certain clothing size, it's about feeling fit on the inside and meeting her personal goals. "Move almost every day!" she says, "even if it's only 10-15 minutes. Getting some sort of movement in during the day has really helped me de-stress when I feel overwhelmed and the rush of endorphines always makes me feel happy!"




Quick Tips from FSK's Healthy Way:

  • Avoid drinking your calories. Limit sugary beverages. Get yourself a  cute water bottle -- one that you know you'll use -- and drink up! Divide your body weight by 2 to calculate the number of ounces you need each day.
  • Grab a jump rope! It's a great way to get your cardio in. 
  • Load the fridge and pantry with healthy snacks. No time to eat? Stock the shelves in your home with healthy options instead of items like chips, cookies, and candy. 

A self-confessed chocolate addict, Fatema has developed healthy versions of some of her favorite treats, including pumpkin truffles, blueberry muffins, and M&M bars (find all her delicious recipes here!)"Remember," says Fatema, "go easy on yourself, but do your best. You deserve to feel good! So give yourself that right. Take care of your body and your body will take care of you."


A.R.A.S.A. Fitness @arasa_fitness_and_self_defense | As a mother and daughter martial arts duo, Jalees and Ruqaiyah are black belts in Tang Soo Do and train private clients as NASM certified physical trainers. "Over the years I've heard so many sisters say: 'I need to get some exercise', 'I need to get in shape', 'there's nowhere for me to workout', 'I need someone to exercise with me or else I don't feel motivated'. My goal is to put an end to all that!" Jalees explains. ARASA Fitness stands for Attitude, Resolve, Awareness, Self-Esteem and Action. Here are their favorite, most effective, time-saving exercises for busy parents:

  1. Classic Jumping Jacks – This is a full-body workout with no equipment needed. If you’re new to this exercise, try and get at least 50 in per day. Quick tip: Do 10 jumping jacks after each salat, or if you’re up for a challenge, try 50-100 jumping jacks before each meal.
  2. Bird Dogs –  On your hands and knees, keeping your body very square, slowly extend one arm and one leg on opposite sides of your body. Hold for two seconds and then switch sides. Bird dogs are great for toning your core and lower back.
  3. Walking – Put the babies in the stroller and go for a walk! If you have older children, get everyone moving (they need exercise too!). It sounds simple, but the time spent walking outside and the fresh air will help both them and you sleep better! 

As you continue on your healthy lifestyle journey, remember, "sometimes it can be your own self that stops you from reaching your goals," says Hanan @hypegirlhealth. "When you look in the mirror, the reflection you see is your responsibility. ⁣This image is nurtured by self love and self care. For everyone that’s something different.⁣ Today I’m opening the door for YOU, to do something for your future self. ⁣⁣It’s all about how you feel inside."

Which fitness tips will fit into your healthy lifestyle? 
Let us know in the comments below. See you next time!

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