Can you be Modest at the Gym?

Posted on November 29 2017

Can you be Modest at the Gym?

It’s elliptical season! Time to come in from the cold and burn those calories, ladies! I must admit, I love the gym. Everything from the adrenaline-pumping music, to the inspiring trainers and colorful water bottles makes me feel so motivated to get back in shape. But lately, I've been on the hunt for the perfect workout uniform -- something sporty and modest that’s perfect for exercising and doubles as active wear when I’m out running errands.  

Can You Be Modest At the Gym? ZEENA Uncovered

My ‘modesty’ criteria is really simple: long shirt, cute sneakers, medium-loose pants. If my shirt is super-long, as in knee-length, it gets a little awkward when I’m on the elliptical or running the treadmill. If my shirt is too short, I feel paranoid about what people can see when I’m doing my thang. And then there’s the ‘tight or loose’ paradox: I don’t want to feel constricted...but at the same time, I don’t want to get all tangled up in my clothes. Zeena Swimwear solves all my problems. Don't let the name fool you...this collection goes way beyond the pool!

Check out my top picks for anyone in need of clothes that let you focus on the most important part of going to the gym in the first place...your workout!

Modest Gym Clothes ZEENA Uncovered

1. Modern Active Top – shown in Earl Gray. This shirt is so versatile! Wear it with jeans post-workout or rock it with some leggings. Want more color? It’s also available in hot pinkfloral and jet black.

Modern Active Tops ZEENA Uncovered

2. High Rise Swim Pants not just for swimming anymore! Made from lightweight semi-stretch polyester-Lycra, these pants let you move like you mean it! 
3. Nike Auralux Print Club Training Bag – just enough storage for all the gym essentials.
4. Swim Scarf – with no-slip adjustable elastic ties (*yes, it’s water resistant and dries quickly!). I love the idea of having a designated workout hijab. 
5. Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 -- shown in Glacier Blue


    I hope you enjoyed these looks! Follow our Swim & Active Wear Board on Pinterest for more inspiration!



    Jamillah Abdullah, Zeena Team Contributor

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