How to Write Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on January 14 2021

How to Write Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions

Have you been putting off your New Year’s resolutions? Honestly, we can’t blame you.

So far, the 2020’s have been such an unforgettable decade, planning for the future might seem like a monstrous task. If you're wondering, "why bother even making a resolution since everything is either closed or cancelled?" then this post is for you. There's no time like the present to get serious about your dreams. Like the old saying goes: ‘good things come to those who wait’…and now that 2020 is long gone, we're ready for a fresh start. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee and discover how to write meaningful New Year's resolutions you can actually achieve.

How to Write Meaningful New Year's Resolutions | Zeena Uncovered

Dream it up. Plan it out. Write it Down.

Setting goals is all about having the right intentions. With a healthy, positive mindset, you’re already off to a flying start. A key part of this process is to visualize your goals as if they already existed -- in real life. Make your dreams a reality by walking yourself through them, step by step. Want to beautify your closet? Picture yourself wearing cute, stylish outfits. Ready to shed a few extra work-from-home pounds? Imagine stepping off that elliptical feeling toned and fit. The new year is all about new beginnings, so don't limit yourself with negative words or feelings. Give yourself the freedom to explore the possibilities. Start by asking yourself a few simple questions:

  • What have I been putting off?
  • I understand self-care is important, but what does that look like for me?
  • If I could change one thing about myself, what would it be?
  • I would love to have better relationships with people, where should I start?
  • My career is stalling, where do I see myself in three months?

Once you have a few goals in mind, it's time to commit them to paper. Writing down your dreams brings them into the real world and allows you to start formulating a plan. For example, if your goal is to redecorate your home, dream of what your space will look like once it is completed. From there, break things down into smaller, bite-sized pieces. Which room will you decorate first? Will you sell or donate your old furniture? Which interior design style inspires you the most? Once you have a basic action plan of the steps you need to take, write everything down in a journal dedicated to each specific goal. One mistake many goal-setters make is having too many ideas all in one place. Instead, keep things tidy. Separate each one to give your ideas room to grow!

Start Where You Are

Setting New Year’s resolutions doesn’t have to mean shooting for the stars. If you’re a lofty dreamer, more power to you! However, if you're the type who likes to take things slow, begin with a few minor lifestyle tweaks. Consider your career, health, finances or relationships, and start where you are. Focus on all the good you’ve already achieved and build upon your successes one small change at a time. If you’ve already started a little nest egg, try adding an extra $20 dollars to the pot every week. Likewise, if you’re eating healthy meals every day, set 'staircase goals' that build upon your previous success. For instance, introduce a vitamin regimen or cut back on caffeine. Over time, these small changes will feel right at home with the good habits you already have.

How to Write Meaningful New Year's Resolutions | Zeena Uncovered

Small Commitments = Big Results

Setting New Year's resolutions doesn't have to take more than a few minutes of your morning. Yet, writing them down will create positive, healthy and meaningful change in your life. So ask yourself, what do you want to achieve in 2021? Whether your goals are big or small, remember that committing to any change takes good intentions and consistency. Break your larger goals into smaller pieces and be consistent in meeting each smaller goal -- one at a time. Every time you reach a milestone, pat yourself on the back! You're one step closer to making this year work for you!


What are your goals for the year ahead? Share your thoughts in the comments below. See you next time!


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