Saying Goodbye to 2020

Posted on January 01 2021

Saying Goodbye to 2020

2020 was certainly a year to remember.

We had to make tough choices and hard decisions. In the beginning, quarantine gave us the opportunity to take a good, long look in the mirror. As we entered the 'new normal', we questioned our diets and started new workout programs. We found time for self-care, massive closet cleanouts or home improvements. We found our political voice and stood together against racial injustice. When schools and offices shifted online, we gained perspective on what it means to be patient. We learned to find balance and make time for the little things…like Baby Yoda, or perfecting grandma's banana bread recipe. And when video calls just weren’t enough, we learned the value of true friendship.

For some of us, 2020 forced us out of our comfort zones. The risks we were afraid to take in the past didn’t seem so scary after all in light of a global crises. As the world held its breath during the presidential election, we embraced the possibilities for the year to come. Today on Zeena Uncovered, revisit the top posts from 2020 as we say Happy New Year to 2021.


Reflections from Zeena CEO, Bayan Jondy

"This year I learned that not everything is guaranteed. You have to enjoy the small things in life with the people you love," says Bayan. "In the early part of the year, I went with the flow of uncertainty. Most days were filled with outdoor walks and downtime with the family. We did a lot of cooking, home projects, ping pong, basketball and watching movies to keep us active and connected. I truly enjoyed that downtime for myself and for my family." 

"Honestly, as the year went on, by the end of October, I started to have a hard time," Bayan explains. "Working from home became more challenging. Trying to get things done with so many interruptions became tiresome. If you can relate, between virtual learning and keeping track of all three kids -- school, work, tutors, Quran/Arabic, and their emotional well-being, I found myself taxed (and I feel guilty for feeling that way!) Now that we’re at the end of December, I’m in a better place where I’ve identified the way I’m feeling and I’m trying to find small solutions to make it easier on myself."



Highlights from Zeena Uncovered

It's 'out with the old and in with the new,' but some things are worth a second glance. Here's a rundown of some of the best posts of the year:






 This year, our patience was tested, our nerves were stretched. Despite all the ups & downs in these unprecedented times, we discovered what really matters. Family. Community. Togetherness. We could not have made it through this year without the support of all of you. Happy New Year from the bottom of our hearts!


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