The Best of Ramadan

Posted on April 28 2022

The Best of Ramadan


Ramadan Mubarak from the Zeena family! From cooking healthy meals to gift ideas and decor, we've talked a lot about Ramadan over the years. Today on Zeena Uncovered, we've dedicated this entire post to giving you a complete roundup of all of our favorite topics from Ramadans past & present. During these last few days, we hope these posts inspire you to craft something new, try a new recipe or start a new family tradition. We hope this time of peace and blessings fills your homes with joy! 


Make Time for Family

The Best of Ramadan | Zeena Uncovered


While the pandemic might be slowing down, many families prefer to celebrate the final days of our holy month quietly at home. Make lasting memories in your own backyard by planting an Eid garden, hosting an iftar picnic or crafting handmade gifts with your little ones with two of our favorite posts: 5 Creative Ideas for Celebrating Ramadan at Home and Getting our Kids Involved During Ramadan.

Here are a few tips from our Zeena moms on how to build wonderful memories for our children and inspire a love for Ramadan at any age:

Want more ideas? Click here to keep reading!


Good Eats!

The Best of Ramadan | Zeena Uncovered


With relatives visiting from out of town and the kids taking a few days off from school, what better way to put all that restless energy to work than to create a beautiful iftar together. We love sharing and swapping recipes with family and friends. Here are a few ideas from our dinner table we know you'll love...and the best part is, they're easy! 


Get Festive!

The Best of Ramadan | Zeena Uncovered


When it comes to transforming our home for the holidays, you know we go all out! Dress up your home during the last 10 nights or prepare for your Eid celebrations with inspiring designs and party planning tips from A New Spin on Ramadan Decor and Ramadan Décor to Light up Your Home. 


Ramadan Recipe Swap

The Best of Ramadan | Zeena Uncovered

Sometimes, it takes a village! Last year, we put out a call to all the home chefs, foodies and bakers in the Zeena community to submit something delicious for our blog. To discover all of the amazing Ramadan recipes, read Ramadan Recipe Swap.



For Your Health

The Best of Ramadan | Zeena Uncovered

Make the most of your fasting day with 5 Healthy Eating Habits for Ramadan with Dr. Mohammed Alo. From antioxidant-rich superfoods to regulating your insulin levels, cardiologist and board certified internal medicine physician, Dr. Mohammed Alo shares his pearls of wisdom to keep you fit, healthy and strong.


We hope you enjoyed this Ramadan as much as we did! Ramadan Mubarak from the Zeena Team!

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