Welcoming Back Ramadan

Posted on April 08 2022

Welcoming Back Ramadan

Welcome back Ramadan, we've missed you!

Ramadan 2022 is finally here and we are welcoming this month of mercy with open arms. Ramadan has a special place in our hearts and we are excited to embrace the return of fasting, family gatherings, giving and gratitude. In our home, we feel so energized the few days before the month begins, often carrying the expectation that we have to have all our ducks in a row. Decorating, shopping, cleaning, meal-prep...not to mention figuring out a working iftar schedule with relatives and friends. (*Any advice on how to avoid double-booking, please share in the comments below!) 

As much of a whirlwind as it is to, "Get Ready for Ramadan", in reality, taking things day by day can be just as rewarding. This month, we're shifting our focus away from the stress that comes with achieving perfection and focusing more on the little things. What makes Ramadan truly special are the blessings in disguise and all the hidden gems left to be discovered. After all, it's the little things that matter. Today on Zeena Uncovered, CEO Bayan Jondy is sharing a few of her favorite things to do at the beginning of Ramadan to get you off to an amazing start!


It's a Date!

Sending dates in the mail is a great way to kickoff Ramadan with long distance friends and relatives. If you plan on hosting a few iftars, beautifully boxed dates make great gifts for your guests! (If you plan on attending an iftar, dates make a great hostess gift as well!)


Welcoming Back Ramadan | Zeena Uncovered


Gifts from the Heart

When gifts are made by hand, they radiate with a different kind of energy. "I love handmade gifts, so I’ve been shopping on Etsy a lot lately. I ordered these beautiful Qurans in white from ImaanShop and I just love the bookmarks!" -- Bayan


Welcoming Back Ramadan | Zeena Uncovered


Set the Table

Gathering around the table for iftar is one of the joys of Ramadan. After a long day of fasting, sitting down to a plateful of fruit, tea and zamzam is all the more enjoyable with a few handmade touches from Etsy.


Welcoming Back Ramadan | Zeena Uncovered

Islamic Pattern Tray | Ramadan Mubarak Table Sign | Ramadan Lantern | Set of 2 Metal Moons & Stars


Make it Personal

We love seeing the kids excited for the month of Ramadan. These personalized prayer rugs are just the thing to help them take ownership of their salat, they also make a memorable gift that will last for years to come!


Muslumana | IslamicEliteFavors


 "May this month be a source of peace and blessings for us all. Ramadan Kareem everyone!" -- Bayan

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