3 Reasons Why We Love Kimonos

Posted on June 27 2018

3 Reasons Why We Love Kimonos

In the world of modest fashion, it seems like every now and again, some trends come along that are made just for you. Kimonos are the must-have, Japanese-inspired fashion item of the season. Besides looking great no matter your body type, they are long, flowy, elegant and when worn the right way, can make any outfit look chic and feminine in no time! Today on Zeena Uncovered, we’re sharing how to wear a kimono for a casual or professional look...and all the reasons why you should love them as much as we do!

Our Sheer Lace Kimono in steel gray with the Royal Palazzo Trousers.


Reason #1 -  Kimonos are a light and airy alternative to wearing a long sweater or cardigan when in need of a little coverage. To style them, think of your kimono as outerwear – like a jacket or vest. Don’t plan your outfit around it...slip it on last, as an accessory. This gives you the freedom to wear it multiple times in different ways without worrying about being matchy-matchy. We adore the lace design our Sheer Lace Kimono and all the pretty, embroidered details it adds to Bayan's monochrome style. 

red kimono

A maxi length kimono in a bold color will add contrast and drama to your casual look. 
Reason #2 - Kimonos are the fastest, easiest way to update a laid-back, casual look. Start your outfit with a cute tunic and your favorite jeans -- a rolled cuff or frayed hem will keep you on-trend without looking too serious. (Don't own a pair? Check out our DIY post on How to Fray Your Jeans.) If you wake up feeling anti-denim (*and we all have those days!), get things flowing with a pair of wide leg palazzos. The trick is to make your outfit stand alone before slipping into your kimono. We love how Bayan paired her maxi length Wide Lapel Jacket (a trunk show exclusive) with the Ruffle Sleeve Blouse in white. The brick red color works wonders breaking up the muted tones.

Velvet kimono

Velvet kimono

Reason #3 - At the office, kimonos are a quick and easy way to make your professional attire that much more dressy. For obvious reasons, we love how loose and fluttery a kimono can be...but if you need a little more structure, wear a belt around the outside to hold everything together. Even though Bayan is wearing our Velvet Kimono, you can still achieve the same goal by sticking to neutrals or choosing solids for the color scheme of your base. Keeping things simple will make your kimono work-appropriate and chic!


Which of these kimono looks do you love the most? Let us know in the comments below! For ordering information, email us at info@simplyzeena.com. Follow us on Pinterest for more outfit ideas and inspirations! See you next time!



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