The Road Trip Wardrobe

Posted on July 18 2018

The Road Trip Wardrobe

There is nothing like a summer road trip! The beauty of the open highway, the fresh country air, the wonderful gas station coffee, and the promise of waking up somewhere new at the end of it all. Summer is the best time of year for piling in the car and driving coast-to-coast with the fam', so today on Zeena Uncovered, we're gearing up to hit the highway with a few good tips on what to wear on your road trip and packing light

There are some things we never travel without --  a cell phone charger, a good pair of earbuds, a chic black purse and that perfect pair of jeans -- but, when you're in a car things are a little different. Limited trunk space and zero overhead compartments can equal chaos if you over-pack. And because no one likes being squished by luggage, how do you whittle down what you want to bring to what you actually need

If you're faced with an open suitcase and a closet full of hard choices, don't panic. Here's how you can create a flawless road trip wardrobe in just 3 easy steps:

#1 - Comfort is King

On a road trip, you are constantly hopping in and out of the car -- taking spontaneous family photos, pumping gas, popping into diners for late-night waffles -- you need clothing that is com-fort-able...but also durable. 

  • Avoid heavy fabrics and reach for lightweight denim, khaki pants or flowy palazzo trousers.
  • When it's too hot to layer, pack a detachable collar and solve your neckline peek-a-boos with a little bling.
  • When you're sitting for long periods of time, anything with a little stretch is probably a good idea! We love CEO Bayan's all-knit look in London:

Oversized Tee

Pair an Oversized Tee with the Python Wrap, sneakers and skinnies for a relaxed outfit that's modest & comfy.


#2 - Mix n' Match

Want to know our favorite packing tip from back in the day? Having a color scheme will help you narrow down your choices when it comes to planning your road trip wardrobe:

  • Monochrome -- sticking with all one color family, such as neutrals (black, white, gray, tan)
  • Cool Colors -- blues, purples or greens
  • Warm Colors -- red, orange, yellow or pinks
  • Mixing solids & prints 
  • Going all-neutrals with a pop of color


Playing it cool with a blue-pink-purple color scheme (*sunnies too!). COO Amany Jondy (left) is wearing the Satin Ribbed Jersey Wrap in Ivory. CEO Bayan Jondy (right) is wearing the  Boyfriend Shrug in Royal and the Rhinestone Denim Collar. 


#3 - Ditch the Iron

Road trips are notorious for unexpected stops along the way. And while there is no guarantee that you'll always have time to iron before you pack (*or once you arrive at the hotel), we say it's better to forego any ironing dependencies right from the start and bring clothes that are naturally wrinkle-resistant...kinda like these beauties: 

Block Hi-Lo Tunic-Gallant | Modern Active Top | Striped Ruffle T in Pink 


What are your favorite road trip looks? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below! See you next time!


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