How to Give Yourself A Professional At-Home Manicure

Posted on June 19 2019

How to Give Yourself A Professional At-Home Manicure

While finding a calm moment to take care of ourselves may sometimes be a bit of a challenge, there is one personal grooming routine we always make time for...and that is treating our hard-working hands to a relaxing at-home manicure. Nothing beats the experience of being pampered at the salon, but it is possible to achieve amazing (and professional) results from home and still love your nails! Today on the blog, we're sharing tips from Zeena COO and certified cosmetologist Amany Jondy on how you can skip the salon with confidence and give yourself the mani of your dreams. Ready to get started?

How to Give Yourself a Professional At-Home Manicure | Zeena Uncovered

Zeena COO Amany Jondy in Amari NY Sky Blue


The DIY Home Manicure Kit 

Creating your own DIY at-home mani kit is a great addition to your self-care toolbox. We recommend keeping your supplies all in one place, such as a small caboodle, box or drawer, so you know right where to find it on #SelfCareSunday. Olive & June makes a great all-in-one box, but if you are more selective about the products that you use, here are a few things you'll need:

  • Nail file & clippers
  • Nail buffer cube
  • Nail polish remover
  • Instant cuticle remover & wooden pushers
  • Peel-away cuticle barrier 
  • Nail polish & top coat
  • Nail drying spray
  • Moisturizing hand lotion 
  • Small towel and a bowl of warm water

Getting Started

This first step may seem obvious, but washing your hands with mild soap and water will remove any oily residue and prep your skin for the royal treatment. Set the mood by lighting a scented candle or tuning into your favorite song or podcast. Next, set out your manicure kit and begin by removing any existing polish so that you have a clean, blank canvas.

Trim & File

Trim your nails to your desired length and use a fresh nail file to even the edges.

PRO TIP: Filing in one direction will reduce the likelihood of your nail tips splitting or cracking.

How to Give Yourself a Professional At-Home Manicure | Zeena Uncovered

Smooth It Out

Set the stage for your perfect manicure by using a nail buffer cube to create a shiny and smooth, natural glass-like finish on the surface of your nails. 

Tame Those Crazy Cuticles

Soak your fingertips in warm water for 1-2 minutes to remove any dust after buffing and to soften your cuticles. If you've never tried using an instant cuticle remover, we recommend giving it a go! With just a drop of serum, melt away any stubborn cuticle build-up in less than a minute. Then, use a wooden pusher to gently shape the nail bed by pushing cuticles back where they belong and trimming where necessary.


Now that your beautiful manicure is 99% complete, indulge your lovely skin with scented hand cream or oil. If you're happy with the shine after buffing, there is no need to apply polish to your gleaming nails. But if you're feeling a little extra, it's time for the fun part -- choosing your nail polish color!

How to Give Yourself a Professional At-Home Manicure | Zeena Uncovered

PRO TIP: Moisturize before applying polish. "I always moisturize before I paint my nails," says Amany. "It keeps them from smudging my almost-dry polish. Until your nails are completely dry, you run the risk of smudging for a few hours."

Finishing Touches

Once you've found your perfect shade of polish, swipe your nails with nail polish remover one last time and let air dry. Now it's time to paint! Make one clean stroke down the center and another down either side. We recommend two coats for Amari NY breathable nail polish for best results. Once dry, finish with a clear top coat. Accelerate drying time with a spritz of nail drying spray.

How to Give Yourself a Professional At-Home Manicure | Zeena Uncovered

Preserving Your Mani

After all that pampering, the last thing you want to do is lose your precious mani to the onslaught of daily chores (i.e. cleaning or washing dishes can wreak havoc on your nails). "Don't let your hard work go to waste!" says Amany. "Protect your mani and your skin by wearing gloves when washing dishes or cleaning." Remember to moisturize your hands regularly and apply cuticle oil to keep your hands feeling soft and your manicure looking flawless. 

How to Give Yourself a Profesional At-Home Manicure | Zeena Uncovered


Now that you're all finished, enjoy your professional at-home mani! What's inside your self-care toolbox? Let us know in the comments below!


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