Our Top 5 Must-Have Hijabs for Summer

Posted on June 14 2019

Our Top 5 Must-Have Hijabs for Summer

Summer is nearly here...and that means it's time to fold away your cold-weather hijabs and make room for lightweight, flowing fabrics that will keep you cool, covered, and comfortable through the sweltering months ahead. Just like the clothes you wear, we truly believe your hijab is a wonderful extension to your modest wardrobe. Whether you wear it up, down, over-the-shoulder, turban-tied or traditional, today on Zeena Uncovered, we're giving you the rundown on our top five favorite hijabs for summer from our wraps collection to help you find the perfect one to compliment your style. 


#1 - Basic Chiffon Wrap 



Airy, light and breathable, the barely-there Basic Chiffon Wrap is at the top of our list. Slightly textured for a non-slip finish, we love this wrap in a solid or print for its buttery feel and easy elegance. 


#2 - The InstaHijab  


Style. Tie. Go. So simple and comfortable, the InstaHijab (shown in Silk Floss) is a pin-free summer essential that will stay on your weekly rotation. Available in dreamy chiffon, and included in our Active collection as a water-resistant swim hijab, the InstaHijab makes it easier than ever to achieve an effortless look in no time flat.


#3 - The Satin Ribbed Burnout Wrap  



The stretch and feel of jersey with a gorgeous striped burnout pattern, we love how silky and breathable the Satin Ribbed Burnout Wrap truly is. Available in 9 fresh colors, it's the only wrap you'll need for your next summer getaway.


#4 - The Active Swim Scarf 


One of the most versatile hijabs you'll ever own, the Active Swim Scarf is more than just a staple in our gym bag. Whenever we venture out for a family bike ride or dip in the pool, we rely on this one-piece wonder to wick away moisture and dry quickly in the sunshine. What we love most about the Active Swim Scarf is how the double-layer illusion effect makes it seem like you spent time and energy styling your hijab...when in reality, all you had to do was slip it on (genius, right?)!


#5 - The Rhinestone Wrap 


The star of our Intrepid Collection, the Rhinestone Wrap was designed for your most elegant special occasions. Generous in length and embedded with countless sparkling crystals, this is one wrap you'll want in every color! 


Which wraps made it to your summer wishlist? Let us know in the comments! See you next time!

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